Lancaster-York Heritage Region

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Heritage Area Unveils New Name & Expands Outreach

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The Lancaster-York Heritage Region has changed its name to the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area to highlight the strategic focus on the cultural & economic value of the Susquehanna River to the region, state & nation. They're also expanding the community outreach to include an e-newsletter and a new membership program.

Mother Nature blessed us with the mighty Susquehanna – a river as rich in history as it is in breathtaking scenery, spectacular wildlife and soul restoring recreation. From the earliest Native Americans, to the American Revolution, to the Civil War, to the Industrial Revolution, so much of America can be traced to this waterway. And to our natural wonders that emanate from its banks in all directions.

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Historic and cultural places tell the story of a community – what has been achieved, what was believed, and how we came to be. Preserving them enables us to walk the grounds where our forefathers fought for freedom, tour buildings where artists and architects became inspired, and admire American ingenuity – so we learn and grow and create better communities for generations to come.

The Lancaster-York Heritage Region is one of 12 areas designated as Pennsylvania Heritage Areas for having important historic, cultural, natural, and recreational resources. Heritage areas are known for their unique cultures and identities, as well as good places to live and visit.

In Pennsylvania – and nationwide – heritage areas combine resource conservation and education with economic development, typically in the form of tourism. In partnership with local communities and with funding from state and federal agencies, heritage areas across the nation work toward their goal of creating more livable, economically vital communities – to ensure that historic buildings are restored, hiking and biking trails are created, and educational programs are developed so each region can share with you its unique story.

We’re proud to be part of this nationwide network, preserving our heritage for you to experience and enjoy. As we share our passion, we invite you to explore our region and the many heritage areas across Pennsylvania and America.

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Rolling hills. Patchwork farmlands. Quaint towns and villages. The bond between Lancaster and York Counties runs deeper than the water they share. It's a bond built on values, traditions and a passion for our past.

Connected by the Susquehanna River, the communities of the two counties tell the story of America. It's about the people who first settled on our land, their fight for freedom and the lives and culture they enjoy today.

This is who we are - this is our heritage.

The Mission: As a designated Pennsylvania Heritage Area, the Lancaster-York Heritage Region helps identify, preserve, interpret and promote the wonderfully rich heritage and culture of Lancaster and York Counties. We exist because the residents of York and Lancaster Counties are concerned about our quality of life - protecting farmland, preserving open space and natural areas, revitalizing town centers, diversifying the tourism industry, and connecting younger folks with the history and culture of our ancestors.

Goal: In association with local, state and national partners, the Lancaster-York Heritage Region works to create more livable and economically vital communities. The goals of the Lancaster-York Heritage Region include strengthening place, building understanding and identity, enhancing the visitor experience and building strong institutions for partnerships.

Pennsylvania with the Amazon Kindle Touch

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To the west of Philadelphia and north of Baltimore lies the counties of Lancaster and York. The Susquehanna river runs through this area and looks like an interesting area to learn about the history of America in the beautiful countryside surrounded by nature. All kinds of historical references relating to events such as the American Revolution, the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution are to be found.

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