Pennsylvania with the Amazon Kindle Touch

As a young man I spent a couple of weeks with my friends travelling around the north east coast of the United States. Not knowing any better, we chose the easy route and headed for the major cities, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. As you would expect, we had a fantastic time. Although now, it is obvious that there’s more to the United States than just its huge cities. For instance, spending some time enjoying the great outdoors may have been the perfect contrast to the life in the cities which we experienced.

To the west of Philadelphia and north of Baltimore lies the counties of Lancaster and York. The Susquehanna river runs through this area and looks like an interesting area to learn about the history of America in the beautiful countryside surrounded by nature. All kinds of historical references relating to events such as the American Revolution, the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution are to be found.

The difference between when I went travelling in the United States fourteen years ago and now is that it’s much easier to travel light today. A perfect example of this is that instead of carrying books to read on holiday, now a days, there are a selection of hand held electronic book readers to choose from. The way that these devices work is that they hold electronic books. In other words, on one reader, we can have hundreds, if not thousands, of books. This is a really nice option, especially if we’re travelling.

So if I did the same trip again today, I’d try to encourage my friends to visit some of the less well known tourist attractions in the area. One thing that caught my eye was the First National Bank Museum. This is the only known bank in America still preserved in its original setting. This could really give us a taste of life as it used to be.

Then when it comes time to relax, I’d love to find a scenic spot by the Susquehanna river and enjoy reading a book. These days, more and more people are choosing to use these new electronic reading devices. In fact, a few new models have recently come on the market, the Amazon Kindle Touch is one of the latest offerings.

Photo from Democrat and Chronicle

This looks like an amazing region to explore the great outdoors, take pictures and enjoy reading a book in the open air. When it comes to travelling, the Amazon Kindle as well as other devices like the Barnes & Noble – Nook are revolutionizing the way we read. Now we really can take as many books as we like on holiday with us. We’re no longer restricted to what we can carry. The way things are now, we can carry as many books as we’d like! That’s why, if you love getting back to nature, and like the area surrounding the Susquehanna river then you bringing your Kindle with you is just another way to increase the enjoyment!